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Practice Principal Karl is an implant dentist with over a decade of experience placing dental implants. He has a Masters in Dental Implantology and regularly lectures and mentors on the MSc in Dental Implantology programme at the University of Salford.

Dental implants are a brilliant fixed solution to replacing missing teeth. Implants are the closest thing you can get to having real teeth back, after you've lost them and we meticulously plan and design every single implant to be in harmony with the rest of your mouth making them a comfortable, discreet alternative to options like dentures. 

Image by Tim Stief


We begin with an informal chat with Lucy, our treatment co-ordinator who can answer many of your initial questions about dental implant treatment. 

You will then have a full implant assessment which will involve a comprehensive examination of your existing teeth, followed by a discussion about the best treatment option for you (you may be surprised to know that often Karl will recommend something other than an implant if he thinks there's a better option available). If an implant is the best option, he'll go through your treatment step by step so you no fully what to expect throughout your treatment journey.

Every patient's treatment is different, but implant treatment in general then involves placing a small titanium fixture where the tooth used to be, to act as the root of your new tooth. This is done under local anaesthetic in our normal treatment room, there's no need for a theatre level operation. Most of our patients say it's no worse than having a filling done, it even takes a similar amount of time, around 20-30 minutes once you're numb.

Once this new root has 'integrated' (the process of bone growing onto the surface of your implant which takes between 8-12 weeks), we will attach your new crown to it.

Like most things, the secret is all in the planning. Everybody is different, and every implant treatment plan is completely bespoke to you. We will design your implants to look and function as close as possible to your natural teeth.


• Natural looking replacement teeth which are designed to blend in with your smile
• Improved ability to speak and eat with confidence
• Increased self-confidence in your smile and overall appearance
• A better quality of life as you are able to fully enjoy your favourite meals and smile with confidence again.



"I would like to say anyone who has never had the confidence to smile like myself for my entire adult life. Please please go speak to Karl and his team at smiles in tandem. Karl has made an immense difference to my confidence. They are an extremely friendly team and I thought I would never say this but made my visits completely relaxed. My new name at home is Cheshire cat. Thanks to all at Smiles in Tandem."


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