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With two Bank Holidays and flowers bursting into life, we are certainly feeling revived and ready for Summer now! How about you?!

Check out this month's news:

  • Are you in need of a smile spa day?

  • How your mouth impacts your overall health.

  • The team get emergency ready

  • Award winning sustainable dentistry 

  • Growing The Smiles Forest 


We are so glad you are here. Keep smiling!

Karl, Marisa & the Smiles Team.



Have you visited one of our fabulous hygienists recently?

It's like a spa day for your smile!

  • Airflow is a premium type of hygiene that uses water and powder to gently remove plaque and stains from the teeth.

  • Your teeth look brighter and whiter

  • Your mouth feels fresher and cleaner

  • Recommended before teeth whitening

  • Ideal before a special event

  • Treat yourself before your holiday

Reply to this email to get booked in or book online here.

Did you know that your oral health impacts your overall health, including systemic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease? You can access The World Dental Federation's whole mouth health activity to learn more about how oral health is linked to your overall health here.



We enjoyed refreshing our medical emergency knowledge with Nick from Resuscitation Consultancy Medical Services.

You are in safe hands here!



Another award?? This is getting a little bit embarrassing now and at the same time, we are so pleased that the team's hard work in sustainable dentistry is being recognised. The World Dental Federation have just awarded us their silver award.

For the more eagle-eyed amongst you, we have no idea why the award date states November either! Once again, well done Team Smiles!

Our Refer A Friend Scheme

Thank you for recommending your friends to Smiles in Tandem!

This month we have planted 7 trees right here in the UK.

The Smiles Forest is growing and it's all thanks to you!


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